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A burial ground for my passions; manga, japanese horror, metal & punk, lowbrow art and monsters.

So I made this thing today and it was supposedly to go on a poster for a comic workshop but I guess they went in a different direction idk. But I thought it was cool to see these four different styles/characters. I’m not gonna lie- I traced like 80% of the images’ line art. It was just scrapped fun.

Anonymous said: Beetlejuice, Beetlejuice, Beetlejuice.

Though I know I should be wary still I venture someplace scary. Ghostly hauntings I turn loose- beetlejuice! Beetlejuice! Beetlejuice!
Haha I totally set myself up for that one. Clever thinking anon, very witty.

How do you perform an exorcism for the living people that don’t understand they’re haunting you?


Coffins - Ancient Torture cover art

The art of Ozuma Kaname iii


Promises are shit. We speak the way we breathe. 

If you receive fame and recognition for a skill you have that’s great but I’m not going to accommodate your ego. I wont treat you any differently then how I would treat anyone else. I do not care about your successes and I care even less about your failures.


The BatmanBATMAN: THE OFFICIAL COMIC ADAPTATION (1989)Art by Jerry Ordway (pencils/inks) & Steve Oliff (colors)Words by Dennis O’Neil 


Hell… “It’s essentially a great bowl with water at the bottom.”
"That would be the Stygian Sea…"
"At the center of that, the Lake of Fire…"
"And at the center of that… Pandemonium."

From the pages of HELLBOY IN HELL
Story and Art by Mike Mignola
Colors by Dave Stewart

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